There are many places on the Earth where one can feel the grandeur, power and beauty of nature. Daurian steppes are endless expanses of “the grass sea” and velvet sleepy hills, clear singing of skylarks, “poles” of curious marmots and gracious dances of cranes … And also still numerous herds of Asian antelopes – dzerens, any moment ready to dash away like wind. Dauria is saucers of lakes, from small to infinite ones, where water merges with the horizon, and bordering sandy beaches or thatches of reed and bulrush are a refuge for thousands of ducks, geese, snow-white swans, nimble snipes and boisterous gulls. Bright sunlit birch and aspen groves, fanciful rocks of Adon-Chelon, insular pine forests among endless steppe resembling from the distance medieval warfare of nomads – all this is also many-faced Dauria. 
From the first sight, the nature here is modest, without excesses, but its creations don’t leave cold even the most experienced travelers.
To preserve the unique wetlands, steppe and forest-steppe ecosystems of Dauria is the principal goal of the Daursky reserve.

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Государственный природный биосферный заповедник «Даурский»