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State Nature Biosphere Reserve "Dauria" is located in the south of the Trans-Baikal Territory, almost at the junction of three countries: Russia, Mongolia and China. The area is strictly protected area - 49764 ha, buffer zone - 173 201 hectares.

The reserve was established December 25, 1987 for the preservation and study of unique wetland, steppe and forest ecosystems Dauria.

This cluster (consisting of several separate parts) territory. The reserve consists of 9 sections, joint security area in three separate clusters. Lake Barun-Torey with small areas on the coast, estuaries and Uldza Imalka - the largest site, covering an area of about 43 hectares.. On the northern shore of Lake Zun-Torey included in a security zone of the reserve, covering the scenic hills are three small reserve land area from 0.5 to 0.8 thousand. Ha (Chehalan, Ereldzhi, Cook-Hadan). Another area of slightly less than 0.2 thousand. Hectares includes track and broad floodplain of the river. Imalka. All five sites are united in a common security zone cluster.

The second largest cluster consists of three small areas (ranging from 0.06 to 0.75 thousand. Ha) on the array Adon-Chelon also combined security area. The third section - the forest-steppe, located on the southern edge of the reserve of federal importance "Tsasucheysky Bor", also surrounded by a buffer zone, forms a third, the smallest cluster reserve.

For ease of management and the work of the whole territory is divided into conventional areas (under the name of the nearest settlements): Imalkinsky, Kulusutaysky, Soloviev, Adon-Chelon and forest.

Despite the fact that the reserve is located in the steppe zone, it is not a purely steppe, because the grassland area is here only 17% of the territory (82% are wetlands, less than 1% - forest land). In addition, the reserve was created primarily for the protection of birds nesting in the Torey lakes. However, time has shown that it is here, in the nature reserve "Dauria" and centered around the amazing variety and richness of ecosystems Dauria steppe, allowing not only to save dozens of rare species, but also to understand many natural processes that govern the life of the great steppe. In the world there are very few areas of untouched steppe. Dauria Steppe - one of the most extensive and well-preserved array steppes densely dotted with lakes, rivers and salt marshes. In 2000, the Daurian Steppe highlighted as one of the globally important ecological regions of the planet (within the Global Approach 200 developed Conservetion Science Program of the World Wildlife Fund -WWF).

Hedgehog Dauria.

Mesechinus dauuricus Sundeval, 1841).


Adjacent to the Torey lakes Daurian steppe areas of the reserve contains a nearly complete set of historically species of plants and animals typical of the Dauria Steppe. There are almost all types of plant associations typical of the region, as well as the whole complex of species of mammals and birds.

Our Reserve - one of the few exceptions in the Russian system of protected areas, for which the area of the buffer zone around the protected area more than three times higher than the actual protected area. Established in the buffer zone mode allows you to ensure the preservation of the natural complex of large, remarkable special abundance of birds, and create the conditions for the survival of a number of rare species of animals. Among them - the Mongolian gazelle and relict gull, nowhere else in Russia is not living, rare for the country and the world goose swan goose, bustard, white-naped crane. The reserve is managed by the federal and reserves "Tsasucheysky Forest" and "Valley of the gazelle." Compliance with environmental protection regime and conducting research - these are problems of the Reserve in the reserves.

We reserve the Daur rich and interesting history. Despite the relatively small age, its importance and the value confirmed by several international conservation status. The reserve is a wetland of international importance (Ramsar Convention), the key ornithological territory of Asia, the key of cranes territory, part of the worldwide network of biosphere reserves (UNESCO MAB program), nominated for inscription on the World Heritage sites list includes (along with the nature reserve " Tsasucheysky Bor ") of the sole in Asia trilateral (Russian-Mongolian-Chinese) reserve" Dauria ". Such a high value of specially protected natural areas - not only honored cause for pride zabaykaltsev, it again emphasizes and increases our common responsibility for the preservation of a unique natural area.

"Dauria" has a lot of friends - in the Trans-Baikal region in Russia and widely abroad. With the help and co-operation with many of them manage to implement various environmental, scientific, ecological and educational projects. Some of these initiatives described on our website. We are grateful to all associates and colleagues, friends and just indifferent people, who feel the support constantly. We see how much remains to be done, as you need to know and make an effort to preserve the nature of Dauria, to find a reasonable compromise between the interests of nature conservation and economic development, without which there can be no future. In this way, there are successes and disappointments. We are confident that the wealth of scientific and educational potential of the reserve will be increasingly in demand in the region and the country, the prerequisites for this have today. For their part, members of "Daur" always strive to ensure that the reserve remains strict natural reserve, at the same time getting closer and clearer every zabaykaltsu and visitors to the region. We are always glad to see visitors on our excursion routes and in the visitor center. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the history, unique nature and today Daurian Reserve on our site.

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